Masks with cartoon characters for kids in Rajasthan

Migratory labour across state borders accompanied by family and children are often seen covering their faces by turban or veil or cloth but the accompanied children can be seen bare faces.

While corona virus pandemic is spreading like wildfire, across India the governments are putting in all their efforts to make people aware about the use of mask and social distancing and hygiene. Some states have also made moving without mask punishable yet the misnomer of children least effected by corona is making the fight tough.

Migratory labour across state borders accompanied by family and children are often seen covering their faces by turban or veil or cloth but the accompanied children can be seen bare faces.

Santosh kumar, belonging to a group of 4 migratory labourers from UP who came on foot from Surat crossed the border of Rajasthan through Sirohi district when asked about the children without masks, he said, “I am travelling alone but there are hundreds of children who go bare faces, may be children are immune to corona.”

Another couple travelling from Ahmadabad with three children who preferred to remain anonymous reacted, ‘The kids don’t listen moreover we don’t have food and water, not wearing masks might give us infection but hunger would surely have it toll.”  

Non availability of masks and parents unable to convince children to wear masks seem to be the major reason for children not wearing the masks. When asked, will you make children were masks if you get it for free there coined the common voice, sure why not!

Free availability of masks at various shops

Our organisation has been distributing masks and face shields to all including children ever since the corona outbreak but it was not working; the children were very soon off their masks. This problem became widely visible with relaxation in lockdown and movement of migratory labour. Seeing the gravity of the problem, we worked out a simple creative solution by creating masks of 50 different designs printed with various cartoon characters such as Bhim, Mogli, chacha chaudhary, phantom, Jesmine and others. These were distributed among children to find a choice of their favourite character and now they are happy to put it all through, Said Khushboo Sharma, Creative Director of Mai Bharat Foundation.

Masks created by Mai Bharat

Most of the law and directives proposed by the authorities lack in execution due to non involvement of people, it is where our role starts. Our punch line is Adding colours to life, whether its implementation of government planning, directives, laws or medical awareness and now corona we work simple creative techniques to make it adaptable by masses, Sharma added.

While managing the movement of migratory labour we came across many families with children who were not wearing masks or covering their faces, we have distributed colourful cartonised masks to them made available by Mai Bharat an NGO. Now we don’t have to make efforts through parents to make Children were masks, they are themselves happy wearing them, said Ankit Jain, Dsp Sirohi

Another official of the organisation Rajnikant Solanki said we are trying our best to make people understand the use and viability of wearing masks and social distancing.  We have put various interesting hoarding across the city and on highways to make people understand the proper and just use of relaxation provided from lockdown. As we know people do not have an easy access to health facilities due to lockdown thus besides the cartonised masks for children, we have also made masks printed with pictograms, symptoms and messages to make people aware about corona, immediate identification of chronic diseases such as heart attack, stroke, Trauma, CPR and others during emergency and also various laws and the government directives.

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