Kit Tea

We matter, let us make our voice matter too

At the time when keep in touch and Catch you later are on the verge of extinction, we engage people in genuine and meaningful interaction by encouraging them to come forward to these Kit-TEA’s to exchange information, ideas and opinions with an aims to support the efforts of governments and others and thereby creating a strong and sustainable citizens’ rights and civil institutions and also to provide new opportunities for citizens to express their opinions, hold their public servants to account and influence and participate in their own governance.

While kitty parties have been around always with playing games, sharing recipes, discussing jewellery, fashion and shopping trends, and, of course, gossip had been the key point of  discussions are no longer a trend. Yes! the kitties have been redefined as kit-TEA with serious discussion on topics of Social importance, say Child Abuse, women rights, Sterilization and the latest is Corporal punishment.

We believe that an increased awareness and thoughtful involvement will unleash our largely wasted potential that is impeded by indifference, inaction and ignorance. Once empowered by knowledge and an active, involved spirit, we can look to solve the problems that our people face as path breaking innovators, responsible policy makers and thoughtful citizens.

The central principle in all these events is that they should be accessible to all, should welcome diversity and seek to inform opinion, identify common ground – and, as often as possible, entertain.