Savidhan Samvaad

Our Constitution may, nevertheless, parish in an hour by the folly, or corruption, or negligence of its only keepers, THE PEOPLE….’; no democratic polity can ever succeed where the citizens are not willing to be active participants in the process of governance by assuming responsibilities and discharging citizenship duties and coming forward to give their best to the country.” – The framers of Indian Constitution!

“ The world’s largest functioning democracy, Our Beloved INDIA, enters the seventy first year of its independence history. But, Alas!! WE ARE STILL SLAVES!!! Of our narrow political interests, our limited vision, our selfish ambitions and the ideologues!! 

The primary purpose of ‘Samvidhan Samvaad’ is to promote the spirit of involved inquiry and to raise the collective awareness regarding the provisions of the Constitution of India and its social, legal, economic, technical & political significance in India. We believe that an increased awareness and thoughtful involvement of masses with the constitution shall unleash our largely wasted potential that is shackled by indifference, inaction and ignorance. Once empowered by knowledge and an active, involved spirit,  we can look to solve the problems that our people face as path breaking innovators, responsible policy makers, motivated business leaders and thoughtful citizens. We proposes to develop such resources, principally from amongst the masses which emphasize the importance of the India Constitution and thereby involve in the active and vocal citizenship. So come forward and enjoy a session of ‘Samvidhan Samvaad’ and make India Speak to bring the desired changes that you wish to see in India…

The ‘Law Club’s’ established at various panchayats and District HQ’s act as ‘Center of Excellence & Public Connect’ serving the masses and helping them to reach for their Rights and mostly to avoid the unnecessary conflicts of interest. The CFCP is designed with an aim to promote ‘Duties first followed by Rights’ because we believe that if all of us obey our duties, it certainly avoids the clash of other person Rights!