Apradh Mukt Gaon

Duties First, Rights Follow

Every morning, millions of people of different class, creed and religion, irrespective of their economic and social status, wake up not to add to the development of the nation, but to go to the court to attend their dates in the pending cases which take months, years, and, sometimes, generations to be decided. 

Ours could be the most efficient be the most efficient legal system in the world, but lack of political motivation, legal awareness and zeal to free the legal system form the shackles are the main reasons behind the waste of resources. 

We works on six major fronts, namely,

  • Legal Awareness and Social Structuring 
  • Free and Independent legal consultation 
  • Information /Issue recording platform for masses (95%people do not repot or take any action for the wrong that has happened to them)
  • Research and Surveys relating to local level issues and taking it forward to the relevant departments and ministries for proper evolution and action.
  • Knowledge sharing for Lawyers, Law Students, members of judiciary and administration and to bridge them to masses.
  • Attracting young talent from remote locations and making them socially responsible and attaching them to mainstream

Face-to-face engagement of experts & masses in genuine and meaningful interaction