Pashu Adhikar

We are happy to welcome you to a the team of like minded people who believe that ‘duties’ come before ‘rights’.  We are citizens of this nation only when we are good citizens… We believe in Speaking Out in order to be heard, at the same time we are not revolutionaries, we just want to stir the greatest guide in all of us- our conscience.. Once you begin believing that social, economic, technical, legal & political awareness can act at the root of most of the problems, that exist in our society you become one of us and we are those who address ourselves as  ‘Mai Bharat’ objectifying ‘Mai Hi Bharat Hun’. 

At ‘Mai Bharat’ you are privileged to help people speak out. We know everyone has some issue or two for which they need  a helping hand. You can be such a guide and help people speak because you are the one of who are eager to help the people in need, to make them reachout for an able & expert guidance for their problems.

 We call upon you to come forward for the just and noble cause.. Mai Bharat!!