Black Spots | 10000 Deaths annually

‘TEA-raffic’ is the road safety initiative of Mai Bharat. Started as an awareness project for Good Samaritan, cycle riders, Way to Ambulance, Pedestrians, Non-Motorized Vehicles & Stray Animals causing road-accidents, ‘TEA-raffic’ has now gradually grown to a full blown Road Safety Initiative!

While thadi culture has always been around with conversations, discussions and debates, but the unusual event ‘TEA-raffic’ ‘ at road side tea stalls has always captured the attention of masses. 

At TEA-raffic, we have created a dense network of over 500 ‘SAFE-tea’ corners for regular awareness activities covering a large domain relating to traffic Policy, Law & Medical awareness.

These SAFE-tea talks were started in year 2010 but it did not interest people who had their own agendas and topics to discuss limiting themselves to their own groups. As a solution unique disposal tea cups each printed with a unique laws, first aid method and road safety methods acted as a perfect teaser with a sense of common hood. Now SAFE-tea’ Talks are flocked with people.       

Most of us have enjoyed nice conversations over a TEA-raffic cup on the roadside ‘ SAFE-tea’ corner’, ‘Mai Bharat’ has channelized these ‘tea-talks’ by bringing in the experts from varied fields to these SAFE-tea corners and promote the spirit of involved inquiry and to raise the collective awareness regarding legal, medical, social, economic and political issues and their significance in India.

The tea talks are shared by renowned lawyers, doctors, artists, upcoming singers and other experts from varied fields and the hint of legal, road safety awareness and  first aid methods printed on the disposal cups has made this event popular amongst masses. It’s like an e-seminar, the knowledge shared by these experts at these events is recorded and the video is shared with over 13 lac followers on social media!